100 % Organic Humic Complex


Research shows that the fastest and most practical solution to improve soil fertility is the fertilization of humates (fossil humus substances) directly into the soil or through leaves.

The use of many soil-based humates based on fertilizers is more important than the use of conventional NPK fertilizers.

Why HUMIC LAND is the best choice?

HUMIC LAND is a 100% Organic humic complex. Read more



100% Organic humic complex

Organic HUMIC LAND fertilizers made of black peat with the use of advanced, new and eco-friendly technology. These organic fertilizers are especially effective for use in organic farming or as an additional fertilizer that improves efficiency by combining with other fertilizers and pesticides on traditional farms.

HUMIC LAND can be used for these plants

Berry bushes
Fruit trees
Garden plants
Ornamental plants
Lawn grass
And for others plants
HUMIC LAND 100 % organic humic complex

Why HUMIC LAND is the Best Option?

Creates soil humus. Protects the soil from erosion. Better crop germination. Stimulates plant rooting and growth, accelerates seed germination. Healthier plants. Greater yield. Increases resistance to heat and fires. Increases soil moisture levels by 4-5 times. Neutralizes the excess of radionuclides in the soil, heavy metals, pesticides and chemical fertilizer salts. Improves the taste of fruits and vegetables and increases the amount of vitamins in them.
Economic Benefits of HUMIC LAND
  • Increasing Yields by 40% and improving the appearance of the harvest: 40%
  • Reduction of Mineral Fertilizers by 30% reduction of the concentration of applied mineral fertilizers by 30%: 30%
  • Reduction of Water Demand by 30% Requirement of watering for lawns in dry regions reduced by 2 times: 30%
  • Improving Soil Structure And its permeability to water and air, increasing the moisture retaining capacity of the soil: 30%

SOIL is the Most Important Resource
a farmer has

Where the soil is exploited for crop production without restoring the organic matter and nutrient contens even whilst maintaining a good structure:

  • the nutrient cycles are broken;
  • soil fertility declines;
  • the balance in the agro-eco system is destroyed.


LOCATED IN Mazeikiai, Lithuania.
Address: Gamyklos str. 46A, Mazeikiai, Lithuania

JSC Acoustic Biotechnology has developed a unique technology and started production. The company, as an organic fertilizer manufacturer, was founded in 2014. Since 2015, the company has invested about 3 million. EUR to HUMIC LAND fertilizer production process, equipment, technology.

Company details

JSC Acoustic Biotechnology
Company code: 303402046
VAT payer code: LT100009098215
Factory address: Gamyklos str. 46A, Mažeikiai
Sales department address: Danės str. 6, Klaipėda 92108